The easiest tutorial on HOW TO EYELINER

Eyeliner brushes

Eyeliner is probably the most desirable makeup style of all times. Minimalistic yet very elegant, you can pump it up to be as dramatic as you want. But…

… are you doing it right?

I’ve gathered the biggest mistakes, misunderstandings and struggles about eyeliner and I’m going to break it down for you right now! So if you’re interested how to become an eyeliner pro – just keep on reading.

The most common eyeliner mistakes


If you think eyeliner, what do you see? I can see beautiful, elongated and lifted feminine eye. I don’t know if you’ll agree with me, but this is exactly what eyeliner suppose to do, in my opinion. LIFT and ELONGATE.

And what can I see on the streets:
  • eyeliner flick facing down making the eyes sad and unflattering – this is caused by, most of the times, eyelid’s creasing too low. In other words, if you want to pull that flick up and you meet creases preventing you from drawing one, continuous line, you may not have a right eye shape for this technique. I’m going to write another tutorial next week how to make eyeliner work in that kind of situation so stay tuned.
  • starting half way with a thick line – it may be an issue with the wrong tool or beeing afraid about poking yourself in the eye when you come too close to the inner corner.
  • too thick on a very small eyelid – some people want to wear the eyeliner so badly that they ignore their eye shape and the fact that it just looks very wrong.


What should you do instead…


…is follow these FOUR GOLDEN EYELINER RULES to achieve your gorgeous catty eyeliner of your dreams:

  • always follow your bottom lid and direct your flick UP towards the tail of your eyebrow (so preparing your eyebrows first is the way to go, because you can use them as the guidance)
  • never go half-way, always go from the beginning to the end of the eye
  • graduate the line, four stages, from thinnest to middle, then to the thickest and to the flick
  • work on half-opened eyes so you can see how your eyeliner is going to look like on your eyes open




These are two styles of tools for eyeliner work. One is a flat angular brush and the other one is just a thin brush with long bristles.

From the left to right you have Illamasqua IL045, Zoeva 317 Winged Liner on the first photo and Zoeva 315 Fine Liner, Illamasqua Fine Eye Liner Brush and paint brush from an art store for £2 on another one.

Eyeliner brushes

Personally, I’m always using fine brushes on my clients. On myself, it depends on my mood 😉



Below you’ll find pictures with a detailed description of each step and my tips how to achieve the perfect line with no effort.

Start with perfecting your eyebrows. Make sure the tails are the same length and they’re symmetrical because they’re going to be guidelines for your flicks.

If you make it right on this step it’s going to be easier for you on another one.








Using a very creamy concealer paint a thick line starting on your bottom lashes and facing the tail of your eyebrow. It’s going to your guideline for the eyeliner. Make it even on both eyes, but be careful on your eye creases.








Use concealer as the guideline and paint your eyeliner flick just above it. Super easy and pleasant! Do the same on the other eye and voila!

You’ve just done the hardest part!








Start to paint the line along the lash line. Begin to line it roughly half way through and connect with the flick you painted on earlier.

For now, it’s just basic, very thin line, the same thickness all the way.








Draw a very thin line from the inner corner and connect it with existing one. Make sure you go right in there. When I pass the point where I don’t have lashes anymore I go slightly inside, into the waterline, I’d say.

At this point, I don’t really drag the brush on the skin. I feel like it’s almost too risky and too easy to destroy it all with one wrong move. Instead, I literally dab it on, nothing else. Just dab, dab, dab, and you’re in the inner corner already and the job is done!






Now start to thicken the line on the outer portion of the eye leaving the flick untouched.

Watch out on the creases again. I have maybe half millimetre space in here, so I don’t want to make it too thick otherwise it’s going to transfer. No matter how waterproof the product is.








Wipe the excess concealer off.

My tip here is you can actually use it to perfect the flick and make it really sharp.








Don’t forget to darken the upper waterline and fill up space in between the lashes. It makes the eyeliner pop and sharpens the look a lot. A total must! 

Make sure you curl the lashes and make them really long as they might not be visible because of the eyeliner.







And that’s the finished look. Do you love “flushed” blush as much as I do?


Hope you enjoyed and learned something new. Leave me a comment below and don’t forget to like and share!


All the products of finished look are going to be listed below.


Take care! xx



Product list:

Base: Milani 06 Sand beige + Illamasqua Skin Base 01 mixed with moisturiser, Creamy Concealer Bobbi Brown Ivory;

Contour: Inglot HD Sculpting powder nr. 505;

Brows: Illamasqua Precision Brow Gel “Awe”;

Highlight: Smashbox L.A. Lights Blendable Lip & Cheek color “Hollywood&Highlight”, Lovely Polska Gold Highlight Powder;

Cheeks: Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 palette, mix of two first shades rose and peach;

Eyes: Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner “Infinity; Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara;

Lips: Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose;


Eyeliner tutorial


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  1. Karen says:

    Great, easy to follow tips. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jenn Worrell says:

    I tend to make a mess of eyeliner. I’ve never thought of using concealer as a guide. This will help with the evenness of it all! Great!

  3. Mika says:

    I finally managed to master eyeliners earlier this year…or so I thought haha thanks for the tips!

  4. Shevoneese says:

    Beautiful! Easy tips…I’ve never tried the concealer method

  5. Akamatra says:

    You make it seem so easy! I can’t do that thing to save my life, ugh!

  6. Lea says:

    This would have been so helpful when I started out with doing some wing eyes. You make it sound so easy and it’s definitely something that’s gonna help some girls out. Might wanna try a wing eye look next time. It has been to long since I’ve done one.
    lea, xx

  7. Tereza says:

    This is definitely the most informative post I’ve read on eyeliners so far – I love how much facts and actual tips are in your posts! I’m alright with liquid liner (the felt tip one) – but gel ones are just beyond me. I might give them another go but man it’s hard!! x

  8. Claire says:

    I think everyone draws their eyeliner differently. Honestly there’s no easy way, but I like how you showed in different versions!

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