And here it is – simple eyeshadow look tutorial. Perfect for an elegant meeting, coffee with a friend or a date. Not too much yet not totally bare. Make it completely matte for an elegant look or add a little bit of sparkle for a night out. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you my quick shading look. The simplest of all and the most frequently picked when I’m short on time. Or when I need to look good and I’m not in the mood to create anything fancy. It requires minimum three

Before you even get to painting your face you need to know that no makeup is going to look good on you, if you don’t take care of the skin on your face. So review your cleanse routine and start to do it mindfully and thoroughly. Below you’ll find a couple of basic steps explained. The reason why we love makeup so much is its impermanence. It allows us to look slightly different every day, depending on our mood, and that’s fantastic! But I keep on finding information how damaging makeup

Follow my blog with Bloglovin You have finally made that decision – congratulations! No more uneven foundation, patchy concealer, unblended eyeshadow or blush. How? With the help of right tools – makeup brushes! Beauty market is loaded with millions of types of makeup brushes. I think it’s mostly marketing tendency so don’t get crazy because you don’t need them all to create a full face look. I’d even say you need only 4 – 5 brush set to do your whole face, seriously! Let me show you how I do it. BASE BRUSH  

The absolutely most important thing about makeup. It’s a quite natural thing for us, modern people, to be able to put some lipstick or eyeliner on. It doesn’t have to be often, but the possibility is something we care about. We’ve got a time in human history when societies didn’t know or care about freedom of self-expression. Let me remind you some of the most important thoughts in that matter. According to anthropologists painting our face is equally natural as sleeping and eating. We have been doing it for ages.

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