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Today I wanted to share with you the look I fell in love so badly I had to recreate it straight away. I’m talking about Katy Perry’s look from the cover of her new album Witness. When I saw it on Youtube I knew I HAD TO recreate it, I felt so inspired. It reminds me of 80’s vibe which I absolutely adore! Another thing is my new hair which I’m trying to tolerate (you cut it, you idiot, now you have to deal with it) and I think this

If you are thinking about the look for your party or a night out or even a first date I will instantly say: go for SMOKE  The eyes are getting this sexy intensity thanks to smudged eyeliner and blown out eyeshadows. Before you freak out – it doesn’t necessarily have to be black! It can be brown, grey, or any other, with coordinated eyeshadow, you can adjust the level of intensity to your needs, keep it matte, add sparkle or go for whatever you want. Below I’m going to quickly show you