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If you are thinking about the look for your party or a night out or even a first date I will instantly say: go for SMOKE  The eyes are getting this sexy intensity thanks to smudged eyeliner and blown out eyeshadows. Before you freak out – it doesn’t necessarily have to be black! It can be brown, grey, or any other, with coordinated eyeshadow, you can adjust the level of intensity to your needs, keep it matte, add sparkle or go for whatever you want. Below I’m going to quickly show you

Eye makeup is a very important for the whole process of face painting. But is has to be tailored specifically to the eye shape to have the highest impact. Make a little observation of yourself and your girlfriends and I guarantee you your makeup skills will go right up! EYE SET Before we’ll even go to the eye shape and the various ways to correct them, we have to determine the eye set. Extremely useful when you want to know why you can’t wear, for example, all-around/Asian eyeliner. This simple task will

And here it is – simple eyeshadow look tutorial. Perfect for an elegant meeting, coffee with a friend or a date. Not too much yet not totally bare. Make it completely matte for an elegant look or add a little bit of sparkle for a night out. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you my quick shading look. The simplest of all and the most frequently picked when I’m short on time. Or when I need to look good and I’m not in the mood to create anything fancy. It requires minimum three